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The Best Baby Walkers in AUS in 2022

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Cute and practical, baby walkers are a fun way to help give your toddler the confidence to start taking their first steps.

Cute and practical, baby walkers are a fun way to help give your toddler the confidence to start taking their first steps. Not all children start crawling or walking at the same time and it can be harder for some than others. Introducing a walker can give them the extra stimulation or confidence they might need when walking and allow you to have some hands-free (and back-bending free) time off from holding their little hands as they take those rocky steps. Read on for our tips on the 4 best baby walkers to try in 2022.

What is a baby walker?

A baby walker is a tool used by children to push around their house as they start walking. Traditional walkers saw babies planted inside dome shaped walkers with wheels that would move around the house. We should be clear that we are talking about safe alternatives to these and using our baby walkers for children who are already walking and not for infants who are unable to walk yet.

What age can my child use a baby walker?

Baby walkers are designed for toddlers aged from 9 months or older, depending on when your baby is starting to walk. It’s really important to not give a child who doesn’t know how to walk a walker as they can injure themselves or impede their walking learning process. Once your little one is taking steps, it’s a good time to introduce a walker.

Do I really need an activity walker?

An activity walker is of course not an absolute essential when it comes to baby gear. However, they are a ton of fun and children normally get a lot of enjoyment out of using them around the house! In particular, young children enjoy walkers with trays where they can fill the tray with their favourite dolls, toys or treasures and cart them around the house. The dolls style walker prams are also a hit given babies love to model their parents’ behaviour.

What to look for in a child walker?

There are many things to consider when choosing the right baby walker. Some important features to keep in mind include:

  • Safety: Consider choosing a walker with brakes as an additional safety precaution.
  • Weight: Make sure the walker you choose isn’t too heavy for your toddler to push around.
  • Rubber wheels: We would only ever buy a walker if it had soft rubber wheels in case of any accidents with little feet and ankles. It will also help to protect your walls and furniture.
  • Non toxic materials: Remember babies like to put things in their mouth all the time, so it’s a good idea to look out for walkers made of non toxic paints.

4 best baby walkers in 2022

At the memo, we stock a curated edit of walkers for kids that are safe, reliable and a ton of fun. Let us help you choose the right one for your baby now.

1. Moover Baby Walker

This is for you if you’re looking for a reliable and cute toddler walker. Made from environmentally conscious wood and non toxic paints, this is suitable for babies aged 9 months and older. From sit-to-stand, roll, push, and walk, the Moover walker helps children develop their balance and coordination skills to take their first steps.

Features of the Moover Walker:

  • Made from FSC-certified European birch veneer plywood
  • Painted with environmentally-friendly, non toxic paints
  • Soft rubber wheels
  • Suitable from 9 months old and older

2. Croco Walker Trolly from Done by Deer

For all little animal lovers, this one's for you! Designed to look like a friendly Mr Crocodile, the Croco Trolley is incredibly cute and practical. This baby activity walker is made with consideration to navigate all the angles, bumps and corners, with soft rubber wheels to move smoothly over all floors and a handle that can be adjusted to two height positions. Brakes on the rear wheels ensure extra safe driving and the front wheels also act as protective bumpers. We love the tray that allows your little one to fill it with treasures and carry it around the house.

Features of Croco Walker Trolly:

  • Soft rubber tyres to protect feet, ankles, furniture and walls from bumps
  • Green crocodile design
  • Made from water based painted plywood

3. Moover Dolls Pram Walker

A classic but a goodie, the dolls pram walker is for little boys and girls who want to emulate their parents. Did you know that children love to mimic their parents? Let them pretend to be mum or dad for the day with their very own stylish dolls pram. This baby trolley walker is ideal for stimulating their imagination, and allows them to perfectly transport their dolls and teddies out and about. Made with consideration to navigate all the angles, bumps and corners, with soft rubber wheels to move smoothly over all floors, giving your baby confidence as they step into their second year, and bringing some cuddly friends along for the ride.

Features of Dolls Pram:

  • Made with high quality birch veneer
  • Available in white or pink shades
  • Soft rubber wheels

4. Push Fire Engine Truck by Moover

For little boys or girls captivated by the excitement and speed of fire engine trucks, this car baby walker is perfect! Designed to look like a little red fire truck, it helps to develop your baby's strong walking legs. Just like all of our other walkers at the memo, it includes soft rubber wheels for optimum safety of little feet as well as your furniture and walls!

Features of Fire Engine Truck:

  • Made from FSC certified wood
  • Rubber TPE tyres
  • Designed to look like a mini fire truck

Baby Walker Australia

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