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The 4 Best Nappy Rash Creams in Australia in 2022

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One of the less glamourous parts of being a new mum or parent, includes dealing with nappy rash. Whilst newborns aren't often affected, most babies will experience nappy rash at some stage. It's generally easily dealt with, but it's a good idea to be prepared and make sure you have a nappy rash lotion to hand for when and if it strikes! Keep reading to find out more about this kind of inflmmation and our top picks for the best nappy rash ointment in 2022.

What is a nappy rash?

As the name suggests, nappy rash is inflammed skin on your baby's bottom and appears red, sore or broken. It occurs when a baby stays in a wet nappy for too long causing chafing against the material of their diaper. Most babies will experience nappy rash sooner or later but some experience it more often than others if they have extra sensitive skin. The key to preventing inflammation is to keep their skin clean and dry as much as possible. Aim to do a nappy change as soon as possible to avoid redness, soreness, and even infection.

When to use nappy rash cream?

If you notice your baby's bottom is red or sore, it's time to call in a nappy rash treatment. Other symptoms include red patches, spots, pimples or blisters on your baby's bottom, or skin that feels hot to touch. A diaper rash cream can be used to provide healing relief to sore skin. Some parents prefer to consistently use this treatment as a barrier cream to help avoid the rash from occuring in the first place.

How to apply nappy rash cream?

Baby rash cream is really easy to use. After removing your child's nappy and cleansing their bottom and genitals with baby wipes you can apply a small amount of the cream rubbing it over their buttocks and between their cheeks if you like. It can also be used on baby boy's scrotum or on girl's labbia if there is irritation there too. Have a read of our article on how to care for nappy rash for more advice.

The 4 Best Nappy Rash Creams in 2022

Find the best cream for nappy rash now at The Memo. Here's our top 4 picks for gentle, soothing relief.

1. Nappy Rash Creme from Malo

Nappy Rash Crème is designed for those who love a cream but without the sticky gunk all over their fingers. It’s a buttery soft formula delivered by a purpose designed airless jar that dispenses just the right amount of Nappy Rash Creme at each nappy change. Consciously made with natural plant extracts including soothing Kakadu Plum, which works as a healing remedy and antiseptic. The cream will instantly give moisture and relief to little bums constantly getting changed.

Features of Malo Creme:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Made in Australia
  • 100% all natural
  • Moisturising

2. Healing Cream from Sudocrem

Soothe, heal and protect the sorest of nappy rashes with the original and the best healing cream. Sudocrem gets the job done and aids in the management of nappy rash and minor skin disorders such as abrasions, mild eczema and dermatitis. Available in 250g or a travel-sized 30g version.

Features of Sudocrem:

  • Reliable and fast acting
  • Small size is portable and ideal for travel

3. Nip It In The Bud Cream from Bunjie

You could be changing your baby up to eight times a day, and many newborns experience nappy rash. Soothe and heal this sensitive area with Bunjie’s fast acting, ultra hydrating Nip it in the Bub balm. It’s made with a ProbioOat Barrier Complex, a super smart microbiome and barrier booster that supports naturally stronger, happier little skin from day one. We also love the hydration hits of Tasmanian Mountain Berry, a softening super hero to nourish and protect the most sensitive and itchy skin, and moisturising Moringa Oil.

Features of Bunjie Cream:

  • Vanilla-citrus scent
  • 100% Junk-Free and Plant powered
  • pH Balanced
  • Vegan Happy
  • Microbiome friendly

4. Nappy Rash Spray from Malo

This is one of those products that you can’t believe hadn’t been created before and surprise surprise, it’s a cult item for new parents. Designed to help you keep mess to a minimum during nappy changes, the Malo Nappy Rash Spray allows you to quickly change your baby, spray their bum to soothe any irritated areas, then keep moving. No need to rinse, rub or wipe, this is a simpler alternative to traditional creams. It comes in a slim and compact bottle that fits easily into your nappy bag or change clutch. Consciously made with natural plant extracts including soothing Kakadu Plum, which works as a healing remedy and antiseptic. The formula dries to a thin film consistency in approx. 30secs and the nourishing oils will sink into the skin without leaving any sticky residue. Suitable for other areas including dry skin, cradle cap and eczema.

Features of Nappy Spray:

  • all natural ingredients
  • Suitable for 100 nappy changes- 100ml

Liked this? Have a read of our article on how to care for nappy rash now and browse our complete collection of nappy creams available at The Memo.

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