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SNOO Is Here. Is It For You?

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The most advanced, most requested, most impactful bassinet on the planet.

The SNOO is the most revolutionary product for modern parenting, because it helps with the pain point most universally felt by new parents: sleep. A 2019 sleep study found that before kids, 68 percent of adults were getting the recommended amount of sleep, but after kids, it was just 10 percent. More recently, the State of Motherhood report, which surveyed 11,000 women between March 1-14, 2021, found that 89 percent of mums are getting less than eight hours sleep, and 93 percent feel burnt out. Sleep is vital for concentration, cognition and productivity as well as helping your body function as it should. It prevents depression and aids your emotional intelligence as well as a heap of bodily functions like your immune system. At no time as an adult do you need to be more on your game, than when you’re a new parent. You’re learning so much, so fast, things keep changing and you’re really put to the test. Ironically, this is when you’ll get the least sleep. OK, so we all get the need for something that helps new parents get more sleep, if you are one, you’re reading this nodding, so enter SNOO. Here, we’re giving you all the facts, so you can see if the SNOO is for you.

What is the SNOO Smart Sleeper?

To look at, it’s a bassinet that does all the settling: snug swaddling, white noise and gentle rocking. You strap your baby into the SNOO swaddle and then “lock” it into a set rocking motion that your baby likes, or leave it “unlocked” and the SNOO will rock in response to your baby’s cry and/or wakes. In practice, it’s really a service, another set of parenting arms to hold and soothe the baby either in the night, so you can get more sleep, or in the day so you can have a moment to yourself, with your other children, or do something you need to.

Why is the SNOO so expensive?

It was created by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The 5 S’s and Happiest Baby on the Block, who views it as another set of parenting arms, available 24/7. He designed it to imitate the calming sensations of the womb, combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling. SNOO automatically responds to your baby's needs when it detects fussing or crying, by increasing motion and sound, often calming crying in under a minute. It’s an amazing time and sleep saver, but also a big cost outlay. To this Dr. Karp says “the big misconception is that people think the SNOO is a baby bed. The SNOO is not a baby bed. It’s a caregiver. It’ll rock the baby all night. It’s a 24 hour-a-day extra pair of hands.” And he’s right, you’d pay $200 a night for a night nurse. Breaking it down, the SNOO is $1849 and you’ll use it for about six months, that’s about $300 a month, and $10 a day. They’ll sleep an average of 15 hours a day, so we’re looking at 70 cents an hour. Also important to note, we are selling the SNOO with a 30-day trial. So there is no way it could ever be a waste of money.

Is it SIDs safe?

Even when your baby transitions to arms out (yes, they can do that in the SNOO), they are strapped in and cannot roll, which keeps them safe. The app also continually tells you what’s happening with your baby. In fact, the SNOO is the safest baby bed ever. SNOO has been accepted to the US FDA Breakthrough Device Program. If approved, SNOO will be the world’s first SIDS prevention product. Harvey Karp, co-founder and CEO of Happiest Baby, worked with his company and an industrial designer from MIT for six years to test and develop a bassinet that can help babies sleep while preventing SIDS. The SNOO Smart Bassinet hit the market in 2016, and now the FDA is expediting its examination of the SNOO as a potentially lifesaving device capable of preventing SIDS and Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome (SUID) by keeping babies in a safe back-sleeper position. After 75 million hours of logged sleep in the SNOO, there hasn’t been a single reported injury or death, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What are the SNOO reviews saying?

The SNOO bassinet has got the babysphere talking, and the reviews speak for themselves on the Happiest Baby site. Among many, many (many), positive reviews some of our favourites advise investing in SNOO 'before you get a night nanny'. Others compare SNOO to 'a godsend', right up to 'life changing'. Take a look for yourself at some reviews if you need more convincing.

Is it hard to transition them out of it?

Very valid, often asked, question. One which Dr Karp often answers with another question. “I would say it’s very much like feeding your baby. Right now you’re giving them milk for every meal, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk. Do you worry that since you’ve given her so much milk, she will never eat solid food for the rest of her life?” Which of course, we don’t. Babies grow and change all the time and the machine is fitted with a weaning function which stills the bed but keeps the noise on, and will rock if your baby gets upset. All of which you can see on the app. It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to have them ready for the cot.

Should you get the SNOO?

If you’re a new parent, it makes the transition to parenthood easier, and dare we say, more enjoyable? If you buy it in response to having a really hard time with the newborn sleep, it’s your rescuer. If you’re going to have to resume work or other commitments soon after your baby is born, it will help you do this. If you have more small children, this will help you have more time for them too. If you don’t have the village, this will take some of that load. If you want to prioritise your recovery and your health. The SNOO will help you do that.


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