The Baby Skin Care Guide
"If we take good care of their skin barrier from as early as three weeks, it can reduce their risk of developing eczema and skin allergies by 50 percent."

Fresh, flawless, perfect and precious, words to describe a baby’s skin. Responsible, a word to describe how a parent feels about their baby’s skin. Choosing what to and what not to put on a baby’s skin is an anxiety-inducing task (involving time, research and headspace you probably can’t spare RN), which is why we’ve fallen head over heels for our new brand, bath oil to minimise the drying effects of the water. Immediately after, while their skin is still wet, apply a suitable moisturiser to nourish their skin, then dry them by patting, not rubbing, “This minimises damage to the skin barrier.” When it comes to choosing the products, “Bunjie has been developed specifically to support the baby’s skin and its protective microbiome from day one.”

Hydration station

A baby’s skin is 3-5 times thinner than adult skin and loses water 5 times faster. “Research shows that regular moisturisation of baby's skin with clean (no nasties, junk-free) moisture lotion is super important,” says Keymer. “If we take good care of the skin barrier as early as three weeks, it can reduce the risk of developing eczema and skin allergies by 50 percent!”

Outside protection

Kids need some sun to produce vitamin D which is important for making strong bones and muscles, but this can be as little as a few minutes a day, for the vast majority of the time, children need to be protected from the sun. Sunburn, skin damage, eye damage, skin cancer and a weakened immune system can all be caused by too much sun. Sunscreen isn’t recommended for babies under six months, so keeping out of the sun, and in shade, is the best way to protect them. Beyond six months, clean, natural or sunscreen designed for sensitive skin types are best. Apply liberally (most people don’t use enough), 20 minutes before you go outside, and every 2 hours after. Then hats, sunglasses, protective clothing, and look for the shady spots.

Is your skin changing due to pregnancy? Read how to navigate this with the experts at Rationale.

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