Pregnancy is a very transitional time for the body of a woman. While we are naturally built to grow and birth babies, please never feel alone if some of the physical changes come as a shock or if they feel uncomfortable. With added hormones and increased blood and fluids running through your system (not to mention a growing human) your physical self will experience an overwhelming amount of newness.

It’s no secret that your belly and boobs will grow, as will your hips as they widen for birth. But what else? To list a few; you may notice a ‘parting’ or a split abdomen wall (i.e. Diastasis Recti), bleeding gums, bigger feet, darker nipples, thickened hair, stretch marks and the appearance of a dark line running from your belly button right down to your pubic region (Linea nigra). Skin conditions such as Melsama, dark spots or acne may appear, as might varicose veins and a faster heart rate. And if you’re feeling a little more flexible than usual, this is due to an influx of the Relaxin hormone produced by your ovaries. The role of Relaxin is to help loosen and ‘relax’ your muscles, joints and ligaments so that your body can stretch to accommodate your evolving frame.

If you’re ever feeling self-conscious or if you find yourself pining for your pre-pregnancy body, just remember that everything happening, is happening to allow your baby to develop safely. Your body is naturally equipped to do this job, so rest assured you’re in good hands.

Pregnancy Symptoms: The good, The Bad, and The Nasty

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