Baby Wipes

Shop Delicate & Soft Baby Wipes in Australia

You’ll be going through a lot of these, so stock up on the best baby wipes for soft, delicate newborn skin at the memo.

What are baby wipes used for?

Changing time means baby wipes, nappies, and bootie balm on repeat. The general rule is to change your baby’s nappy as soon as they’ve done a poo and you can easily have to change a nappy 10-12 times a day. If your little one is left in a wet nappy for too long it can irritate their delicate skin so it’s best to change them regularly throughout the day and use gentle products to minimise any irritation.

How are baby wipes different from regular wet wipes?

Baby wipes are specifically designed for use on newborns, babies, and young children, and are usually thinner and softer than regular wipes. To care for more a baby's sensitive skin, they are made from more gentle ingredients such as a purified water and plant-based materials like bamboo or cotton fibres. Many baby wipes are also enriched with with other ingredients like probiotics and moisturising plant-based oils, aloe vera, or chamomile, to help keep baby's skin soft and healthy.

What types of baby wipes are available?

At the memo, we stock Jak Organics and Tooshies by Tom baby wipes. Both brands offer gentle, organic wipes that will gently clean and soothe soft baby skin. Jak Organics wipes come in a simple purified water and chamomile blend, or you can choose their coconut, jojoba and calendula oil option. They’re 100% natural, GMO free, vegan and made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre. How cool is that?

Tooshies baby wipes are 99.9% plant-based and 100% biodegradable. They’re free from alcohol, parabens and phenols, and are perfect on delicate newborn skin.

Don’t forget to stock up on more care essentials, as well as nappy bags, travel clutches for emergency changing, change mats and change tables too. When you shop for baby wipes at the memo, you can enjoy free delivery on all orders over $99 Australia wide. Plus, take advantage of our flexible payment methods like AfterPay so you can shop for your baby essentials now and pay for them later.