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Baby Bjorn is a Swedish family-owned business that develops safe and innovative products to help make daily life easier for families. Since 1961 this trusted brand is still considered best in class. Baby Bjorn products are built to last and can be used and adored for generations.

About Baby Bjorn

At The Memo we love this brand for its innovative and safe range of baby cutlery sets. The brand uses only the best quality materials to produce products that are always designed with its three core child values of safety, quality, and design. The high quality materials and expert craftsmanship used means these products last the test of time and can actually be passed down from child to child without any wear and tear. Newborn babies and young children are especially delicate, so Baby Bjorn sees it as their responsibility to give your child the very best quality.

Product safety is a key feature of this eco-aware brand so each and every product is put through the rounds to meet the safety criteria of bodies such as the EN and ASTM. The materials used to craft Baby Bjorn products only contain permitted substances and are constantly tested in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class I, which is the strictest category for baby products.

What age can you use Baby Bjorn?

These products are ideal for newborns all the way up to about three years of age. This high quality brand is designed to last and grow with your babies as they develop into the toddler years. What’s more, Baby Bjorn products are made with the highest-quality materials which means they can be passed down to siblings, cousins, friends and future generations as well!

Best-selling Baby Bjorn products:

You will love the design of all their products if you’re a fan of simple, classic yet contemporary designs without unnecessary frills. Each product comes in a range of neutral colours like blacks, greys, soft pinks, and clean whites. Baby Bjorn carriers and bouncers are especially soft and moulded into child-friendly shapes. Functionality and style align perfectly, so you can be sure that their products have a timeless appeal that is also gender-neutral, which also allows for easier passing from baby to baby.

To ensure you’re buying a genuine Baby Bjorn, there are some signature elements to look out for. The baby carriers have a distinct parallel lines design and will instantly guarantee you’ve purchased an authentic baby product that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Baby Bjorn Carriers & Bouncers

Baby Bjorn is the crème de la crème for baby carriers with good reason! It was also the winner of our 2020 memos, we just love it so much. You can choose from their mini carriers in soft jersey perfect for newborns or their breathable & highly functionalsoft jersey, mesh, or cotton depending on your material preferences.

Babies and parents alike will love these Baby Bjorn bouncers as they entertain your children and give you a much-needed break! Whilst these bouncers are super lightweight, they are also very sturdy and will distribute your baby’s weight evenly. This is a particularly important feature for newborn babies and promotes safety while providing ample support.

Perhaps one of the best features is how easily it folds up and slides underneath your couch out of view when playtime is over. Take this one with you wherever you go and even use it as a portable high chair when you put it in its highest setting. Baby Bjorn offers a wide range of soft, muted colours like pearly pink, light grey or charcoal and classic black.

Baby Bjorn Travel Cots & Bassinets