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Meet the Winners of The Memos 2020

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The products worthy of your time, adoration, money and vote!

The Memos are the awards that recognise your ultimate essentials, because they’re chosen by you! Votes were collected through Instagram Stories polls (because, could there be an easier way?) and we are so thankful that thousands of you took the time to tap your favourites. We went through three rounds of voting to ensure the winners really are the must-haves of 2020 parents. The resulting list? It’s the buys you pat yourself on the back for, the gifts you’re thankful for everyday, the investments you can’t stop recommending! These are the products worthy of your time, adoration, money and your vote! Meet them, and add to cart.



Marpac Hushh Continuous White Noise Machine

Cam Cam Copenhagen Muslin Swaddle Wrap

Ergo Pouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag 1.0 TOG

Bubba Blue Cot Waterproof Mattress Protector

Eastblinds Blackout Blind

Rockit Portable Pram Rocker


Love to Dream Stage 1 Swaddle Up 1.0 TOG

Even if you think swaddling old-school style, with just a wrap, is going to be your jam, you’ll reconsider at 2am. After 45minutes feeding, 15 burping, a vom and a backside explosion, you’re probably not up for origami with a wriggling infant. Are we wrong? This is why parents love Love to Dream suits oh so much. These sacks are snuggly and secure, a bit stretchy and entirely operational via a two-way zip. Totally I’ve-had-no-sleep proof. They keep your baby’s arms up but out of their face, so they won’t wake by poking themselves in the eye, and are safe for little hips. They wash great and can go in the dryer (double great), and you will use them for every single nap. Every single nap!

CATEGORY: Eco Warriors


Bubba Blue Bamboo Nappies

Purebaby Footed Zip Grow Suit

Frank Green Franksters Ceramic Reusable Cup

Frankly Eco Organic Body Wash

Jak Organics Aqua Wipes


Tooshies by Tom Nappies Newborn

When you’re entrusted with a tiny, perfect human, you want everything that touches them to be the safest and bestest. Tooshies Nappies are just that. No fragrance, no latex, no parabens and they’re made from sustainable plant-based materials. They are slim-designed to prevent leaks, are super-easy to put on and take off, and are covered in cute fruit designs that compliment the cute baby wearing them.


Nail Snail Baby Nail Trimmer

Bibs Dummies Dummy Duo Pack

Shnuggle Bath

Frankly Eco Natural Sunscreen SPF 50+

Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT 6030 Ear Thermometer

Nature Baby Hooded Bath Towel

Being Bootie Balm


Leander Matty Change Mat

Your need for a change mat lasts for years. It might only take a few minutes to change a nappy, but you do it up to 10 times a day, and most toilet-training isn’t totally complete until your kid is over 3. Years. While a change table isn’t all that necessary (and dangerous once your baby can roll), a good change mat (that can go on the floor when rolling is a problem), is so worth it. This one feels like its designers polled hundreds of parents to create the answer to their problems. It’s sturdy and robust, but soft to touch so it doesn’t need a fabric cover and therefore doesn’t need to go in the wash. So how do you clean it? Just wipe it down, the material is totally waterproof so this method is completely hygienic and so much freaking easier. Genius.

CATEGORY: Playtime


Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker

Happy Little People Card Deck

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Jnr.Life Playmat

Sophie the Giraffe Natural Teether

Little Wiwa Generös Play Mat


Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss Mesh

This bouncer has legs. It was first released in 2009 and has been beloved by parents ever since. It’s spurred a lot of copy-cat products, but they don’t compare. The current design services babies from day 1, until age 2 (when it can be used as a seat), and is made from a cool mesh fabric that’s ideal for an Aussie climate. The gentle movement is comforting for newborns and fun for older babies who can kick their legs and wave their arms while they bounce. Therefore it provides parents something magnificent: somewhere safe, and enjoyable, to put your baby so you can have a few moments with your arms back. Bliss, literally.

CATEGORY: Bags & Wallets


Aluxo Active X

JJ Cole Nappy Wallet

Skip Hop Nappy Wallet Pronto Signature

The Nappy Society TNS Original Insert

StorkSak Stevie Luxe Bag

Mina Baie Harper Leather Backpack

Prene Bags The X Neoprene Tote Bag


Mina Baie Kinney Convertible Cross Body Backpack

Cleverly segmented, compact and chic AF. It’s the baby bag with parent perks. Let's discuss the features: leather look (but actually a vegan material), adjustable straps (so you can wear it on your back, shoulder or as a cross-body bag), magnetic clasps (so you don’t have to f*ck around with zips while you're holding a baby) and it has a laptop sleeve, key leash and suitcase attachment. When it retires as your baby bag, it will just be your bag. We love that for you.

CATEGORY: Feeding & Weaning


Comotomo Baby Bottle

Wean Meister Freezer Pods

Food Babies Love by Emily Dupuche

Boon Grass Drying Rack

Lion + The Lamb Wheat Sippy Cup

Love Mae Studio Amazon Five Piece Divided Plate Set

Baby Bjorn Baby Spoon and Fork Four Piece Set


Rommer Catchie Bib

Silicone as a bib material is just smart. It wipes clean, looks brand new every time, it goes in the dishwasher and is comfortable on your baby’s neck. These particular silicone bibs are geniusly designed. The catcher is generous and moulded so that it stays open (otherwise, what’s the point?!) and it comes in colours you’d want to paint your walls and therefore, love seeing multiple times a day (even when covered in pureed spinach).

CATEGORY: New Mum Necessities


Body Ice Maternity Care Set

The Motherhood Edited by Jamila Rizvi

Juem Maternity Button Bra

Being Boobie Balm

Medela Nipple Shields

In Bed Linen Robe

Nature Baby Belly Stretch Oil


Haakaa New Mum Breast Pump Starter Pack

Man, is this a smart product. It takes a bit of breastfeeding knowledge to understand how it works and why it’s useful most pregnant women buy it because they are specifically told to by passionate friends, but don’t really get it until later — breastfeeding and Youtube have a long way to go. Top line: while you are breastfeeding on one side, you usually drip/shoot milk on the other side. The Haakaa makes use of those drips by suctioning on to the other boob and catching the, otherwise wasted, milk. The caught milk can then be bottled for a later feed, or frozen for a much later feed. For many mums, the Haakaa cup replaces pumping, which can be uncomfortable and time consuming (it can also be totally fine, but it’s rarely an enjoyed activity). Bottom line: your breastfed-baby can be fed from a bottle, by someone else, while you get to nap or go out dancing.

CATEGORY: Best Baby Gift


Artifact Uprising Baby Journal

Liewood Rabbit Milo Knit Cuddle Cloth

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle

Halcyon Nights Blanket

L’Oved Baby Footed Zip Grow Suit

Wee Gallery Animal Alphabet Cards

Pure Baby Goat Hair Brush

WINNER: Dove and Dovelet Rattle Teether

A failsafe gift. Every baby will grow teeth, every baby will need a toy, every baby will enjoy a rattle at one stage (and probably every stage). This is teether, toy and rattle in one, and is so beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing it’s approved by even the most kid-stuff adverse parent. It’s also made with only the good stuff: eco beech wood and BPA-free silicone. See? failsafe.