How Nutritionist Jennalea McInnes Would Redo Her Baby Gift Registry

How Nutritionist Jennalea McInnes Would Redo Her Baby Gift Registry

By Alexandra Whiting   |  

"What I wish I knew earlier? Silverettes!"

In February 2021, nutritionist and yoga teacher Jennalea McInnes gave birth to her beautiful boy Ollie. She approached baby prep with research, “I had a list in Excel of all the things I needed and wanted for the baby and then would add links of stuff I liked. My partner, Andrew, didn’t choose much because he knows how particular I am, even his sister ran things past me to ensure I liked her gifts.” Grandparents helped out on the big-ticket items, a few great hand-me-downs were given, and at the baby blessing gifts from her The Memo gift registry were given. “I asked for a few hats, sheets, clothes — honestly, quite simple stuff because I had already bought everything.”

Following suit, Jennalea approached birth with research. She went into labour with breathing techniques mastered and a detailed, intervention-free birth plan: water birth, drug-free, skin-to-skin, breast crawl. Because birth is never straight-forward, complications meant that after 58-hours of intense contractions, Ollie was delivered via C-section. “It wasn’t the beautiful birth I had hoped for, planned for and wanted so desperately, but it was still the best day of my life. Holding my beautiful boy in my arms - nothing compares,” shared Jennalea.

Breastfeeding was also a very different experience to what Jennalea had expected. Being an advocate for breastfeeding in any way or form, she had planned to breastfeed exclusively but complications, inadequate expert advice and fate found them navigating formula.

With birth and new parenting turning out a little differently to how this mum had planned, there are a few things Jennalea would have done to prepare differently. If she had her time again, she’d have a “just in case” tin of infant formula in the cupboard, she’d hesitate less on going with her gut and put a few more MVPs on her gift registry.

Ahead, how Jennalea would redo her registry.

"What I wish I knew earlier? Silverettes. If you have nipple damage, these are the answer. But no public LC, GP, paed mentioned these to me. My nipples were damaged for weeks. Lanolin didn’t work, pumping-only didn’t help. Reluctant to spend even more money on this BF journey, I purchased them on Sunday night, and a few days after wearing them constantly, my nipples were like brand new. Again, I was not told by the pro’s who convinced me to pump-only to heal my nipples this way. If I had Silverettes from the beginning it could have saved our breastfeeding."

"I never saw this when I was breastfeeding, but I had some friends purchase it and they gave it rave reviews! Any product that is good for breastfeeding I was willing to try and have in my arsenal."

"I didn't have a SNOO but all my friends who did had a great few months with them and great sleepers, all of them. I didn't know much about it until after Ollie was born."

"I regret not buying a bouncer as in the first 3-4 months they are crucial! An extra set of hands."

"Andrew wore Ollie everywhere, and constantly, and he would always say "this is the best thing we own". It was a hand-me-down and perfect. I also had another carrier that allowed me to wear him when he was really tiny, which I loved."

"I hated the stroller I picked out. It was a fail. Too big and cumbersome and impractical. If I had my time again I'd get a Yoyo from the beginning."

"An outdoor playmat is something I really wanted and got at my blessing. I got a huge, epic one. Very, very necessary."

"I actually have 6 sets, but now there are lacey ones! The ribbed ones have been so amazing and I still wear them, 17 months later. I will be buying more next baby! They are so comfy, great quality and post-baby I will never wear anything but high waisted underwear and wireless bras."

"I also bought so many onesies and at newborn age but so many had buttons that drove me mad! Another fail was singlets that don't button up under crouch! They just ride up and expose their belly or make them uncomfortable."

"I didn't think to put a white noise machine on my gift registry but it was an MVP from day one."

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