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Created by a French Paediatric Physiotherapist in 1995, the Cocoonababy nest reassures babies and helps them adapt smoothly to life after birth, as it enables newborns to make movements similar to those made inside their mother’s womb.

Cocoonababy Nest

Cocoonababy is really a one-of-a-kind sleeping aid that was first used in hospitals to help babies sleep. With an ergonomic design, it allows newborns to sleep safely on their back in a semi-fetal position rather than lying completely flat. It’s important to note that the nest is ideal for newborn babies up until around three-four months when they are able to roll over. It’s the ideal bassinet to invest in to help make the transition from womb to earth-side that little bit easier. Of course, there are a lot of other additional things you can do to help elicit a great night’s sleep. If you need some tips, take a read of our article on baby sleep now.

Why use a Cocoonababy nest?

The benefits of investing in the Cocoonababy include:

  • Help to aid and relieve gastric reflux
  • Minimise the risk of flat head syndrome
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Reduce involuntary movements that startle and wake up your sleeping baby
  • Allow for self-soothing as babies are able to comfortably touch their own face when using the nest.

Cocoonababy Fitted Sheet

Decided the cocoonababy is for you? Make sure to invest in the special fitted nest which perfectly fits the matching bassinet. These soft cotton sheets have a curved neckline ensuring a neat fit over the cocoon's headrest so your baby can lie comfortably.

Cocoonababy Reviews Australia

At the memo, our customers adore the cocoonababy bassinet rating it a 5 star product! They love it for their fussy little ones who struggled to get to sleep previously, or had problems with reflux. Some of our mums at the memo also call out how great it is for helping to create a safe and nurturing environment that helps them sleep better. If you’re still not sure if the Cocoonababy is right for you, we have a delightful range of other cots and bassinets for you to explore.

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