Kids Backpacks

Off to daycare? Off to grandma and grandpas? Off on an adventure? Pack in style and give your toddler a sense of ownership for the occasion with these super cute backpacks.

At The Memo, we stock a curated edit of adorable backpacks from best-selling brands such as Sticky Lemon, Cry Wolf and Trixie.

What to look for when buying backpacks for kids

As parents, you’re going to want a kid’s backpack that is comfortable, safe and durable - one that can hold up against the wear and tear that comes with anything owned by young kids! As a kid, however, you’re looking for something fun and colourful first! So, the best backpack has got to be a combination of both.

At The Memo, we’ve curated a collection of kids’ backpacks that is the best of both worlds. With fun designs and colourful patterns, our range of backpacks is appealing to children of all ages while meeting the safety and quality standards you as a parent are looking to meet! Here are a couple of other things to consider when you’re searching for a new kids’ backpack:

  • Size: any backpack you buy should fit easily between your child’s shoulders and waist - anything that extends beyond this may make them uncomfortable.
  • Comfort: padded straps and other ergonomic design features will make it easier for your kid to get used to carrying a backpack
  • Durability: sturdy zippers and water-resistant properties help make sure the backpack stands up to regular wear and tear
  • Safety features: reflective strips, waist and chest straps are some other safety features to keep an eye out for.

For animal lovers: Trixie kids backpacks at The Memo

Trixie backpacks are ideal for children aged 3-7 years old and help to set them up for a world of infinite imagination and adventure. Each backpack is designed to look like a different animal character, including a penguin, monkey, bear, crocodile, bunny, and so many more!

The lightweight design has adjustable and padded shoulder straps and a short handle at the top to easily hold and hang it everywhere you go, and the chest strap prevents the shoulder straps from falling down. Roomy enough to hold beloved toys and a change of clothes for daycare/sleepovers but compact enough for your toddler to carry, this fun and practical backpack even comes with a little front pocket- perfect for holding snacks.

Stylish and fun backpacks for kids

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What is the ideal size for a toddler's backpack for daycare or outdoor travel?

The size of the backpack you buy for your kid will largely depend on their age. It should fit well on their smaller frame without restricting their movement or causing them any discomfort. Make sure the backpack is not wider than your kid’s chest and sits comfortably between their shoulders and waist. This is a good indication it is the right fit for your child.

How do I choose a backpack that's comfortable for my kid to carry?

Lightweight designs with padding on the shoulder straps are a good place to start when it comes to comfortable kids’ backpacks. Make sure the straps are adjustable and there are ergonomic features like contoured back panels or waist straps.

How can I adjust the backpack to fit my child properly?

Fit is so important when it comes to choosing a kids’ backpack. To make sure your child’s backpack fits properly and comfortably, start by loosening all the straps on the bag. Pop the backpack on your kid’s back, making sure it sits between their shoulders and waist. Then, slowly adjust the straps so they are snug without being too tight. You can also adjust any chest and waist straps that are included with the backpack, which helps with weight distribution. This is a good way to customise the fit for your kid’s backpack with their help and ensure they’re feeling comfortable and ready to go!

How much weight can be placed in a kids’ backpack?

Kids’ backpacks are not made to hold large amounts of weight. Some models recommend the backpack should not be heavier than around 10% of the kid’s own body weight. Overloading these bags can cause injury and make carrying the backpack very uncomfortable for your kid. Keep kids’ backpacks packed only with the essentials.

What safety features should I look for in kids' backpacks for outdoor activities?

If you’re searching for a kids’ backpack for travelling or outdoor activities, choosing models with reflective fabric is a smart idea. This helps with visibility, especially helpful in busy areas. Consider kids’ backpacks made from water-resistant materials as well as zippers or fastenings that are secure but also easy for smaller hands to operate.

How do I help my kid get used to wearing a backpack?

Once your child starts kindy or pre-school, wearing a backpack will become more and more common. It can help to encourage a sense of independence and responsibility too, as you start to venture out for longer periods of time as a family.

It’s a good idea to get your kid involved in choosing their own backpack - you want them to be excited to wear it! After you’ve chosen and fitted it properly, try wearing it for short periods of time around the house. As you increase the amount of time your child spends wearing their backpack, start adding small things to the backpack so they can get used to the weight, too.

Are there waterproof backpacks suitable for kids?

There are! Water-resistant or waterproof material backpacks for kids are always popular, as they are ideal for unpredictable weather or taking on outdoor excursions. We stock a range of kids’ backpacks made from water-repellant materials at The Memo.

How do I clean and maintain a kid’s backpack?

Kids’ backpacks are made from high-quality and durable materials - to protect them precisely from spills and general mess that can follow a kid around! You can clean your kids’ backpack with mild soap and warm water - dap away at any stains, using a gentle brush for more stubborn stains.

You should air dry the backpack out of direct sunlight, and after you clean, check for any wear and tear on straps and zippers. Follow any washing instructions or recommendations on the backpack for anything that may require a deeper cleaning.

What are some essential items to pack in a kid’s backpack for a day out?

A small water bottle, a change of clothes and any necessary medication or small stash of snacks make up the basic essentials for your child’s day out. You can also usually find space for a lightweight, compact comfort toy, depending on your child. You don’t want to overpack this backpack - the lighter the backpack, the less pressure it will put on your kid, especially if they are out and about for a whole day.