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2024 Is the Year of Gender Neutral Baby Names

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The kids are in good company.

Finding a baby name that both parents adore and agree on ain't easy. It can be a challenging conversation for couples; "That’s too girly!", "That’s too boyish!", "That’s just a bit meh", "I had a weird neighbour with that name"... Maybe this is why names that aren't laden with heavy gender associations are so in favour right now. Bucking the norm and doing something a little unexpected feels akin to giving your baby the freedom to be whoever they want to be. To walk their own path, dance their own dance... Plus, it's a way to lock in one name and still keep the gender a surprise. Ahead 40 names for your 2024 baby, whoever they are.

  • Juke - loosely refers to dance, as in, Juke Box.
  • Casey - there are a few spelling variants such as Kasey, or Kayce of Yellowstone fame.
  • Tobie - or Toby or Tobi, it’s fresh and unexpected.
  • Matisse - inspired by the French painter.
  • Remy - sometimes spelt Remi.
  • Kit - just make sure they don’t end up with a sibling called Kat.
  • Pascal - so frenchy, so chic.
  • Cameron - they sound fun, friendly and down-to-earth.
  • Krew - like Drew but cooler.
  • Freddie - it means peaceful ruler and we’ll take that in lieu of an overlord.
  • Billie - Eilish made this name popular again.
  • Stevie - makes us think of musicians like Stevie Nicks or Stevie Wonder.
  • River - for nature lovers manifesting a ‘go with the flow’ baby.
  • Riley - if it’s good enough for Elvis’ grandchild.
  • Dylan - cool kids only.
  • Max - for those after something short ‘n sharp.
  • Frankie - a fun derivative of Francesca and Frank.
  • Bobbi - or Bobbi or Bobbie and originally the nickname of Robert and Roberta.
  • Jaimie - comes from the name James.
  • Jordan - there’s the country, there’s the river and the name flows off the tongue.
  • Raphy - playful and fun, originates from Rafael or Rafaelle.
  • Arlo - it feels strong yet kind.
  • Jesse - this classic is having a renaissance.
  • Lenny - could be short for Leonard or Leonora.
  • Tatum - it means full of spirit and we’re into Tate (as in McRae) as a nickname.
  • Kendall - if you’re obsessed with Succession.
  • Shelby - they’ll be creative for sure.
  • Bowie - for music lovers.
  • Kirby - fun to say and feels modern.
  • Sydney - has had a popularity boost since Sydney Sweeney’s rise to fame.
  • Navy - inspired by the colour.
  • Quinn - with Irish roots, it means wise.
  • Devon - from the lovely English seaside county of Devon.
  • Emerson - strong, ye olde world vibes and we also like the nickname Emmy.
  • Blake - of Lively notoriety.
  • Paris - what’s not to love.
  • Charlie - a sweet, kind person.
  • Mackenzie - a nickname of Mac is almost guaranteed.
  • London - Iconic city, iconic baby.

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