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Baby Shower Games You’ll Actually Want to Play

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Games to help you have a giggle on the big day. 

Having a baby? One of the most exciting parts in the lead up to your new arrival is the ritual of throwing a baby shower. Whether you like to be the centre of attention or not, it doesn’t need to be hard work. Really the very best baby showers should see you being waited on hand and foot, focused on feeling good and unwrapping much-wanted gifts from your registry! We’ve got lots of advice about how to throw a modern baby shower on our blog to get you inspired, but today we’re talking specifically about the entertainment at your shower. Oh yes, we’re delving into baby shower games you’ll actually want to play! Read on for our top suggestions to help you have a giggle on the big day.

Easy baby shower games

First things first, let’s start with some ice-breakers. These are easy baby shower games that don’t require too much thought or equipment to get the party started!

Here’s our top suggestions for easy baby shower games:

  • Nappy Practice: Have your guests split up into teams and give each group a few rolls of toilet paper. The objective here is to dress one adult team member in a giant nappy using toilet paper. The team that finishes first and has the most secure nappy wins!
  • Guess the food: A fun and delicious game in one! You can use real baby food or put some different items in small bowls for your guests to guess the flavours. For serious competition, have them whip on an eye mask!
  • Guess how big is the bump: Super quick and easy, all you need for this baby shower game is a piece of string. Give some string to each guest and have them cut out how big they think your baby bump is. Not to be taken too seriously, but if you’re feeling a little sensitive about your bump then best to skip this one!

Virtual baby shower games

If you or any of your guests are socially distancing, you can still have a really memorable time with your loved ones thanks to the power of the internet. Don’t miss out on all the fun, there are tons of virtual baby shower games out there to get you and your friends smiling. Here are some of our favourite ones to give a whirl:

  • How well do you know mum? A bit of a spin on a popular hens party game, this one is easy to replicate virtually. Select an MC from your group to read out questions about you that your guests need to answer. Whoever knows the most about mum wins!
  • Baby Names by the Alphabet: Speed and creativity will help you win at this one! Going around the group in order, each guest is given a letter of the alphabet. They then have 30 seconds to say a baby name starting with their letter. If they can’t think of a name at the time, they’re out and the next person has to take their letter!
  • Printables: If your baby shower is going completely virtual, then it’s a good idea to send some printables out via email for your guests to print off and play along with on the day.

Modern baby shower games

We’re all different and the main thing is you get the baby shower that suits you best. If tried & tested classic games are feeling a little tired for your tastes, then let us help you change the dial. Here’s our ideas for playing games that won’t make you cringe!

  • Baby Bucket List: You’ve likely got your own mental bucket list tucked up inside your head between what to cook for dinner tonight and remembering your obstetrician appointments. But why not create a physical bucket list with your guests for your baby. Have your guests write down on a card their best suggestions for how to make your child’s first year earth side as special as can be!
  • What Baby Name: Still not sure of the right name for your bub? Get some help with this useful game that gets all your guests jotting down their best suggestions for baby names! Make it more difficult by requesting that your guests can only choose names that start with the first letter of your name or your partners’!
  • The village book: Coming from the old adage, it takes a village, have your guests build a memorable book full of their own parenting stories, advice and favourite phrases that have either helped them parent or were told to them from their own parents.

Baby shower games- funny!

If you’re not afraid to get downright silly and have a laugh at yourself then these are our picks for you! A mix of funny and straight up ridiculous, you’ll love them.

  • My Water Broke! This one takes a bit of time to set up as you need to source some tiny plastic baby dolls. Pop them into an ice tray before the party and freeze overnight. The idea is to give everyone an ice cube with their doll to hold onto and the winner is whoever manages to make their ice melt first!
  • Guess the chocolate bar: We’ll leave it to your personal discretion on whether you find this one funny or a little disgusting! However, it’s a very popular baby shower game that involves taking a few clean baby nappies and smearing a different chocolate onto the inside of each one. Your guests then have to have a sniff of each nappy and try to correctly identify the chocolate culprits!
  • Parenting Problems and Answers: One to get new mums comfortable and laughing at all the dilemmas that new parenting can bring up. Have your guests write a few problems down on individual strips of paper. On separate strips, they then need to write their solutions. Collect everyone’s problems and answers, mix them up in separate bowls and then read out some hilarious combinations.

With your entertainment for the day sorted, there’s another activity you can do if you’re really just not into baby shower games. Why not gather your guests together and open up each present? Often, your loved ones love to see your reaction to what they’ve gifted you so instead of being a bore it’s a nice nesting activity to do as a whole group. If you’re looking for baby shower gifting inspiration, we’ve got a great blog article on what to gift here .

If you’re looking for more out of the box baby shower ideas besides these games, why not try one of our top suggestions:

  • Head outdoors: If you’re granted with beautiful weather, take the party outside to the park or garden. A change of scenery can liven up a baby shower party in no time!
  • Invite men: Who says only women should get together at a baby shower? Make it more of a fun get-together with your friends and their partners to keep things modern.
  • Have a long lunch: Your baby shower should be a celebration of the little one you’re about to bring into the world. Make it a day to remember by doing what makes you happy. If that means making it all about the food while you put your feet up, book a cafe or restaurant to do the catering for you!
  • Indulge in a day of pampering: Your whole world is about to be turned a little topsy-turvy. Make the day about you and grab a close bunch of girlfriends for a day of pure indulgence. We’re talking massages, manicures and foot rubs! Your host can shop for some special indulgence products in advance here.
  • Throw a mocktail party: Get dressed up cocktail party style and have each guest bring a different non-alcoholic beverage to create delicious mocktails. Who says you need alcohol to have fun!