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The 3 Best High Chairs in Australia in 2022

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Is your little one ready to start solids? Just when you've got the hang of feeding down pat and are into a bit of a groove with your routine, baby grows and everything changes all over again. Weaning babies onto real food can be a whole lot of fun (okay a whole lot of mess too, but nothing you can't deal with). When it comes time to do so, there's one essential you absolutely need to invest in; a high chair. Read on to find out our top picks for your child's chair in 2022.

When to buy baby high chairs?

Wondering at what age can your baby use a high chair? From the time your child is able to sit up (generally anywhere from 3 months to around 6 months), it's considered a good time to introduce a baby high chair. You'll know the time is right when your child can sit up straight on their own, and start eating solids.

Types of high chairs

When it comes to choosing the best baby high chair, there are actually lots of different types to consider. Take a read of the different options to get an understanding of what might work best for your child and family.

Standard High Chairs

As the name implies, these are your 'bread and butter' of the highchair world. They're the traditional big and practical baby feeding chair that perhaps your parents used with you. Generally, they will include a removable food tray, and padded cushioning on the seat to make it comfy for your child. They are very stable, however, they do take up a lot of room. You can easily find this type as a wooden high chair or in plastic.

Foldable High Chairs

If you're tight on space, you might want to consider a baby chair that folds up when not in use. This is also a great option if you're travelling and want to take a high chair with you. They're similar to a standard chair, but generally more lightweight and of course take up less space.

Grow along High Chairs

Also known as a convertible high chair, this is like the Rolls Royce of baby chairs. As the name suggests, this is a chair that grows with your baby taking them from the weaning stage where you use it as a traditional high chair, into toddlerhood until around 10 years of age. Given their ability to transform and adapt, they come with a heftier price tag.

Space Saver High Chairs

Within this category you can find chairs that mount onto dining tables; booster seats; and chairs without legs that hook onto tables. They are all designed to take up the least amount of space possible and also works well if you're travelling or going to someone else's house for lunch.

Are high chairs safe?

First things first, it's important to buy a high chair that complies with the Australian Standard Safety regulations. However, it's also important to make sure your child is supervised in their chair at all times. Some things to look out for when buying your baby chairs include:

  • Stable chair that doesn't rock too much
  • Easy to clean
  • Five point harness to secure your child
  • Eating tray that your baby can't move

Make sure to never set up your chair near the kitchen bench, appliance cords, stovetops or within reach of anything that your baby could grab.

3 best high chairs for babies

Whether you're looking for a baby feeding chair to last you the year, or something to use even into the toddler years, these chairs fit the bill.

1. Tibu High Chair by Charlie Crane

If you're looking for a standard wooden high chair made cute, you can't go wrong with the Tibu from Charlie Crane. This simple design is gorgeously minimalist, inspired by 1950s French industrial design. Made with beech wood and white metal, it is chic and practical enough to fit in with any interior. With three footrest pieces, a reinforcing cross bar and four floor glides, it’s a sturdy structure too. Your child will stay secure in this chair thanks to the three point harness, wooden belt, and leather crotch strap. Thanks to the different options for securing them in their chair, you can also use this one until they're around six years old!

Features of Tibu High Chair:

  • Two sitting positions
  • Three step-foot positions to adapt to your child’s height
  • Wooden belt, leather crotch strap, and three point harness
  • Beech wood and white metal
  • Optional but advised add-ons include safety belt and feeding tray

2. Evolu 2 High Chair by Childhome

For a beautiful yet practical wooden baby high chair, choose the Evolu 2 from Childhome. It has a modern and practical design which allow for three different seating options: a normal high chair, and the ability to adjust to suit a kitchen bench (leg extensions for kitchen bench are sold separately), and a low chair for kids table or desk. Little ones who like to wriggle during meal time will also be kept secure thanks to the five point harness, and safety bar.

Features of Evolu 2 High Chair:

  • Five point harness
  • Safety bar
  • Three different seating options
  • Suitable for four month olds - 3 years old
  • Durable timber legs
  • Easy to clean

3. Classic High Chair by Leander

For parents looking specifically for a black high chair, this is for you! Although it also comes in white wash wooden option too. This chair is universally adored thanks to its ability to adapt with your child until the age of around eight. As practical as as it’s beautiful, this ergonomically designed chair grows with your child, simply by adjusting the seat and footrest. Start with the additional safety bar, then as your baby grows, you can easily remove it. Made to last, the design will suit a baby as young as six months up until they’re in primary school, around eight years old. The legs of the chair are designed to be slightly springy so when you child moves in the chair, it will gently respond.

Features of Classic High Chair:

  • Suitable for 6 months old - 8 years old
  • Made from European beech wood
  • Need to purchase safety bar and feeding tray separately

Shop These Baby High Chairs Online At The Memo

Ready to get your child's high chair at The Memo? When you shop with us you can enjoy free delivery on orders $75 and over, Australia-wide. We offer flexible payment methods like AfterPay so you can shop in the most convenient way for you too. Plus, take advantage of our flexible returns. Need some more help working out the best chair? Take a read of our article on how to choose a high chair for more information.

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