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Tasty, naturopath developed cookies designed to promote breast milk production.
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Because you can never have enough accessible snacks around the house when you’re breastfeeding. Mama Goodness Milky Magic Cookies are plant-powered, organic and built upon the galactagogue greatness of OATS! Oats also provide important nutrients for postpartum energy production including iron, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. Add to this a healthy dose of fibre and prebiotics to support digestion, and if that’s not an excuse to eat three at a time, we don’t know what is? As well as oats, the cookies include our signature seed trio of hemp, chia and flax for a whole food boost of healthy fats which support hormone health and mood regulation. Last but most certainly not least, they contain almonds also contain tahini, as well as an aromatic blend of warming spices that are known for aiding digestion and may support breastmilk production. These delicious cookies would most certainly m