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A breastfeeding essential, protect and heal cracked nipples with the game-changing Silverette.

Every now and then there's an innovation that comes along that is a true game-changer. For breastfeeding women, the latest is the Silverette. Made from pure 925 sterling silver and 100% nickel-free, these medical-grade nursing cups fit over and help to protect and repair nipples and surrounding skin that is sore, cracked, and sensitive from breastfeeding. If you've ever suffered from nipple damage, the Silverette is literally made for you.

Silver is a natural antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial metal that also contains anti-inflammatory agents. Best used 24/7 between every nursing session for at least two weeks, these cups help support healing and prevent cuts, wounds, cracks, soreness, and infections that can occur while breastfeeding. We also love how the cups retain milk contact with the nipple which makes them even more effective, allowing any cracks to heal quickly.

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