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The Sock That Monitors Your Baby's Heart Rate and Other Gadgets That Give Peace of Mind

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Let's give you one less thing to worry about.

We monitor our fitness on our wrist, know exactly how long it’s going to take us to get anyway before we’ve left the door and essentially, money only exists on our phones. Little about our lives is analog anymore, and if you like information, guidance and reassurance, technology can really help your parenting game. Especially in the early days. Here, we’re summing up the benefits of six high tech baby wonders that will calm the anxious mind of any new parent. Or at least give you one less thing to worry about.

Owlet Smart Sock

How can a sock be smart you ask? Much like a watch. Fitted onto the bub’s foot with a velcro clasp, it uses pulse oximetry technology to safely monitor their heart rate and oxygen level, sending the data straight to the app on your phone. While your baby’s sleeping, if their levels leave the safe zone, you’ll be notified, even if they don’t cry out. If they need you, you’ll know. It’s an amazing thing for the first few weeks when you’re all getting used to this new normal, but also whenever they’re sick or you’re out of your normal routine and just want an extra level of surveillance.

Analog versionregularly going in to the baby to listen to their breathing (and almost waking them up).


Lollipop Monitor

In the first year, your baby will likely change sleep locations, probably a few times, and finding a good spot for the monitor (unobtrusive to the room, but gives you the best view) isn’t easy. And when you do, is there a powerpoint there? Lollipop is wireless and has a tail that wraps around crib rails or curls to make a stand. Like a snake. A baby-friendly snake. But it’s physical benefits are just the beginning. It plays white noise, has night vision and connects to your phone but it also will send you an alert if your baby cries or moves out of your predetermined safezone (perfect for climbers). It also collects all that data, so you can see patterns in your baby’s sleep cycles and disturbances. One great feature is the replay. When one of these disturbances occurs, the camera records a 30-second video that you can review in the morning. If you’ve had young kids, you’ll know that the details of the night can be a little blurry, so having footage can help you get to the bottom of it. Finally, one for the grandparents, there’s an easy way to share a link to give loved ones live or recorded footage of what everyone’s little darling is getting up to.

Analog version: listening at the door and a few commando-crawls into the room to check on them.


Snotty Boss

Gross? 100 percent. But kinda also genius because baby’s can’t blow their noses (and a lot of toddlers struggle with the concept too). The Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator is a battery powered suction tool that you can easily place in their nostril and extract snot from congested kiddos. It’s a natural and physical solution for when cold, flu, sinus, allergies, teething or virus strikes, particularly when medications aren’t available or you’d prefer not to use them. Lactation consultants, first aid trainers and sleep consultants are fans, and if you’ve ever seen the “manual” alternative (where you provide the sucking), you’ll know this is a far superior option and most hygienic option.

Analog versionAsking them to blow?


Moonie Organic Humming Bear With Lamp

Baby’s like weird sounds. Vacuum cleaners, fans and occasionally a lullaby. The Moonie Humming Bear has 5 of these sounds including "womb" and "rain", all designed to soothe. "But it's a teddy bear," you say? You're right, but it's what 2022 would call a Smart Toy, doubling as a secret parenting agent in the night. It's also a night light as well as a white noise machine. The beauty of a noise machine is that it masks external noise as well as creating a sleep cue for infants. And if it’s not already, life is about to be all about those sleep cues. It will automatically run go into standby mode after 30 minutes and then remain on a "cry alert" standby for 3 hours, if it senses movement or cries from your little one, it will again start the white noise and comforting light. Responsive, right? What we really love about the Moonie Bear is that it’s considered and trend aligned: the light is amber (with varients) and it’s loaded with both white and pink noise. Both very hot in the parenting world RN.

Analog version Leaving the vacuum on, or (not exactly analog) sacrificing your phone for the white noise app every nap, stuffing it into their Teddy and hoping it doesn't ring.


Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

If you are a formula-feeding family, this is an indispensable device worthy of the kitchen countertop space (which we know, is always at a premium). Your don't have to measure, mix or warm, it's all done with the press of a button. It uses a patented mixing technology that helps avoid bubbles getting into the milk, which can upset babes with sensitive tummies. You can also customise your baby’s bottle with three temperature settings: room temperature, body temperature, warmer than body temperature, and can make bottles as small as 60ml or as large as 300ml. The formula container is airtight and holds 700g (or a whole tin) of formula safely, so you can pour it in and forget. easy peasy. Particularly when you're doing the 2am bottle feed.

Analog version Math, measuring, waiting, guessing if the water is right and trying to remember how many scoops you just put in.


Beaba Babycook Neo Baby Food Processor

This machine is the crème de la crème of baby food creation. A little chef just for baby. It steams, blends, defrosts, reheats and all in about 15 mins or less. From a fine puree to a chunky mash and everything in between, your set for all stages of initiating solids and don't have to worry about temp or consistency: the unique pulse-blend feature ensures that your baby is getting the correct consistency of baby food every step of the way and the patented steam cooking system turns off automatically, so you never have to worry about overcooking your baby's food. There's also so much less mess, pots, pans or cleaning to do.

Analog version Alot of kitchen mess, and manual mashing.


New Beginnings 2 in 1 UV Steriliser

When you have a lot of bottles that all need to be 100% germ-free before they go near your baby, it's helpful to have a tool, and not a sleep-deprived adult standing over a pot of boiling water. The New Beginnings UV 2 in 1 Steriliser doesn't even use water, it uses the power of light to kill bacteria quickly and efficiently using a lot less energy. There's also no need to dry anything, because it hasn't gotten wet, like in traditional sterilisers. You can use it for teethers, toys and, one you start solids, their cutlery and cups.

Analog version A pot of boiling water and a lot of room for error.


Baby Brezza Safe and Smart Bottle Warmer

Imagine, it's 5am, your baby starts crying, you hit a button on your phone and by the time you get to the kitchen their bottle is ready to go. Yep, that's the brainwave behind Baby Brezza Safe and Smart Bottle Warmer. Suitable for formula or breastmilk, with warming modes for each. It can also defrost breastmilk safely with a warm bath and quickly heat with steam. A mode you can also use for purees. Genius.

Analog version Waiting with a screaming, hungry baby while for their milk to be the right temperature.


FS300 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Some kids just do not like being poked or prodded cc: teeth brushing, medicine taking, nail clipping, hair cuts. These kiddos aren’t going to be any more keen on an in-ear thermometer. The FS300 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer gives you fast, accurate readings and it doesn’t even touch them. Extremely handy. Particularly if you want to take it while they’re sleeping. It has a body and room mode, so you can also use it to check the room or bath temp. And maybe to check if your roast is done.

Analog versionOld school mercury thermometer under their tongue (not easy), under the arm (not accurate) or in the bum (not nice or easy).


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