Weaning Wiz: Best for Solid Feeds and Mitigating Mess, Meet The Memos 2022 Nominees

Weaning Wiz: Best for Solid Feeds and Mitigating Mess, Meet The Memos 2022 Nominees

By Olivia Windsor   |  

Making food fun.

The Memos recognise the absolute in parenting essentials, the best baby brands in the biz, the products worthy of your time, adoration and money. This year, we have eight categories ranging from bath time BFFs to the most innovative baby gear in the game. The judges have finalised the nominees, now all you need to do is vote! Consider it your civic duty and cast your vote by Tuesday March 1st, 11.59pm AEST and let parents everywhere know the products that made your parenthood experience that little bit easier. But first, a closer look at the nominees for Weaning Wiz: The Best for Solid Feeds, as curated by out panel of expert judges.

We know, we know, it’s hard to pick a fave from a line up of products that have given so much confidence to new parents starting out on solids… but we’re going to ask you to do it anyway.

And the nominees are...








      1. Subo: Food Bottle

      As voted for by The Holistic Birthing Expert Yahna Fookes, The Editorial Director Alexandra Whiting and The Community Advocate Maggie Chretien.

      Not your regular drink bottle! Lookout, here comes Subo's innovative food bottle, an eco-aware alternative to yoghurt and puree pouches. Perfect for weaning your baby onto solids, the Food Bottle allows babies to effortlessly feed themselves independently, using its non-squeeze design.

      What our judges say:

      "Never underestimate a good super smoothie for a fussy kid who needs to be eat. These bottles are so great for those moments.” — Yahna Fookes, The Holistic Birthing Expert.

      Subo Food Bottle 101:

      • Sustainable
      • Non-squeeze bottle
      • 12mm spout for different food textures
      • Phthalate-free and BPA-free

      2. Rommer: Catcher Bib

      As voted for by The Holistic Birthing Expert Yahna Fookes and The Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill.

      We don't mean to be Debbie downers, but starting solids often involves a bit (read a lot) of mess. The Catcher Bib is the best way to combat this, and keep all the food that would have ended up on your floor safely tucked inside the bib. It's made from adjustable non-toxic silicone and dishwasher safe.

      What our judges say:

      “Our dog hates us for discovering the Rommer Catcher Bib but I personally love it for both the catchy-ness and the ease of wipe down rather than another item for the wash!” — Jacqueline Alwill, The Nutritionist.

      Rommer Catcher Bib 101:

      • Made from non-toxic silicone
      • Dishwasher safe
      • Catcher design
      • BPA-free

      3. Wean Meister: Freezer Pods

      As voted for by The Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill and The Community Advocate Maggie Chretien.

      Don't let even a spoonful of lovingly prepared baby food go to waste thanks to the Wean Meister Freezer Pods. Made from high grade, flexible silicone, these robust and cute baby food freezer trays are super handy to hold, freeze and reheat nutritious food for your baby.

      What our judges say:

      "I’ve had these for all 3 kids. They’re EXCELLENT, durable, and perfect for portioning and freezing." — Jacqueline Alwill, The Nutritionist.

      Freezer Pods 101:

      • Freezer safe
      • Made from high grade silicone
      • Includes a clip on lid
      • 9x 75ml pods

      4. Liewood: Merle Cape Bib

      As voted for by The Editorial Director Alexandra Whiting.

      For babies that seem to get dirty just by looking at food, comes the Merle Cape Bib from Liewood. It protects their entire outfit as it's literally a big cape to throw on over their clothes. The bib is waterproof, has sleeves and a catch-all pocket to catch everything. The lightweight fabric is convenient and instantly re-usable: simply rinse and wipe clean.

      What our judges say:

      "I love the catcher bibs, but when you frst start solids, you need full coverage. You need the cape bib. Particularly when you're out or have them in an outfit you'd like to keep them in." — Alexandra Whiting, The Editorial Director.

      Merle Cape Bib 101:

      • Reusable
      • Lightweight
      • 100% polyester recycled, oeko-tex.
      • Button-up at back of neck enclosure

      5. Mushie: Snack Cup

      As voted for by The Editorial Director Alexandra Whiting.

      Keep snacks in their bowl and not on the floor with the Snack Cup from Mushie. We love this one as an eco-friendly option. Designed with two small handles for an easy grip for little hands, this silicone snack cup is spill-proof for any baby to take on the go. The soft opening ensures baby's hands can slide easily in and out, while keeping food securely inside and making eating a game.

      What our judges say:

      "My toddler and I love these cups. They make snacks more exciting for him (what's in the cup?!) and mean I don't have to clean blueberries off the car floor or crackers off the lounge when he tips over the cup." — Alexandra Whiting, The Editorial Director.

      Snack Cup 101:

      • Reusable
      • 2 small handles
      • BPA-free
      • Made from chemical food-grade silicone
      • Dishwasher safe

      6. Bumkins: Waterproof Splash Mat

      As voted for by Sleep Expert Dr Golly.

      Save yourself inevitable floor mopping time after meal time with the waterproof splash mat. This durable and stain resistant splat mat will help protect your surfaces from mealtime mess. Lightweight and made from easy-to-wipe waterproof fabric, you can place it under your high chair to protect your floor, or use it as a cloth to keep your table clean.

      What our judges say:

      "'Make food fun,' is my number one advice for parents introducing solids, and fun usually equals mess! Anything that helps you relax into the fun and mess is a win in my eyes." — Dr Golly, Sleep Expert.

      Features of Waterproof Splash Mat:

      • Lightweight
      • Waterproof
      • Stain resistant
      • BPA and phthalate free

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