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How to Dress a Baby For Bed - Video

Babies cannot regulate their own body temperature so making sure they are snug in bed is a must to bank those extra zzz's.

Here are some blanket tips (mind the pun).

Choose breathable, organic materials where possible, and make sure that the materials feel warm and cosy against delicate baby skin.

Start with a singlet, then pop on a onesie (choose one with feet), or add some socks. Remember heats escapes through our feet.

Until babies are around one years old, you should avoid putting blankets in their crib as these can actually be a choking hazard. Your cot or bassinet should only have a fitted sheet inside it.

So instead, it’s all about the sleeping bag. A TOG refers the weight or warmth of a baby’s sleep bag, so choose a TOG that suits the season. TOG numbers go up in weight, so a 0.2 or 0.3 TOG sleep bag is the lightest available and is perfect for hot summer nights (over 26 degrees), and as you move into cooler seasons, choose heavier TOG, like a 3.5, which is the equivalent of a thick woollen blanket on your bed.

For more information please read our blog on dressing baby for bed.

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