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Brand Founders Tell Us What They're Gifting This Year

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No, the new parents in your life don’t need a fancy vase or a nice bottle whisky. Right now they need stuff that will make life easier, and those things look like bottle warmers and zippy onesies. Here, founders of cult-favourite baby brands share what they’re gifting new parents (including themselves) and their families.

Anna Vidović, PHILÉ

How are you celebrating this year? "We love an early Christmas morning swim before the madness of the day begins. Then it’s off to celebrate in Sydney with both my husband’s family and my own."

What are your favourite holiday traditions? "Our street is a destination for Christmas light hunters - it’s a literal party every night of December, with a snow machine and all! We get involved with our own lights and decor on the 1st of December, hanging the advent calendar for the girls, a big tree, garlands and the rest. I love dehydrating fruits for gifts and making orange pomanders in the lead up - the sweet aroma fills the house and brings on the nostalgia."

How do you like to shop for presents? "I am big on lists. I put a lot of thought into gifts and what will really bring joy to the person I’m buying for, so online serves me best. In saying that, this is my first Christmas with two little ones so I’m more time poor than I’ve ever been. I’ll probably end up doing the Christmas Eve sprint at my local Westfield.


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Anna's Gift Picks

1. The Postnatal Depletion Cure by Dr. Oscar Serrallach

Who is it for? For me! Why does it get your pick? This has been recommended to me by multiple people. Between the three year old, the baby and my business, there’s not much time leftover for self care… I’m hoping this can help me set some clear boundaries.

2. Phile Cashmere Baby Blanket

Who is it for? My best friend is due to have her second in January. Why does it get your pick? It’s the most special blanket to take to the hospital and wrap baby in. Both of my daughters have their own cashmere blankets and they still use them years on. Children are so sensory, so something this soft is always going to be a favourite.

3. Raising Girls Who Like Themselves by Kasey Edwards and Dr. Christopher Scanlon

Who is it for? Another one for me (and my husband). Why does it get your pick? I’ve got two little girls but I’m by no means an expert on raising them so I hope to learn from those who are."

4. Wishbone Mini Flip Walker

Who is it for? My six month old, Phoebe. Why does it get your pick? This baby is on the move, so I’m expecting she’ll be up and walking any day now. I also love transitional toys - two for the price of one.

5. Mimi & Lula Sweet Heart Tutu

Who is it for? My older daughter Renata. Why does it get your pick? I never thought I'd be the mum buying my daughter a sparkly tutu, but she is inconsolable if her outfit doesn’t involve tulle, sparkles or pink, so here I am.

6. PHILE Baby Bag in Cream

Who is it for? My next door neighbour. Why does it get your pick? I don’t leave home without my Philé Baby Bag - it is literally my portable baby station. My lovely neighbour has been fawning over it since having her second baby a few months ago. I thought I’d treat her to one of her own.

7. Eco Birdy Charlie Chair

Who is it for? Both of my girls Why does it get your pick? We have the matching table, but seeing as we’ve got one more addition to the family, we are adding another seat. It’s the most durable, lightweight, chic kids dining set I’ve come across. I love the brand's sustainable ethos too - there are replicas, now but nothing comes close."

Rachel Cohen, Catchy

How are you celebrating this year? "Just lots of family time. And hopefully lots of beach time with the kids!"

What are your favourite holiday traditions? "Family meals are a special time to come together with our immediate and extended family and enjoy delicious food and good company (albeit chaotic)."

How do you like to shop for presents? "I’m a practical gift giver - I love to gift people things that I know they will love and use regularly! Running our business Catchy with my husband, and being a mum of two little ones (and a third on the way), I’m very time poor so I'm often online shopping at the last minute!"


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Rachel's Gift Picks

1. Catchy The Food and Mess Catcher

Who is it for? For all my mum friends. Why does it get your pick? Catchy is the gift of more time to relax, enjoy mealtimes, and connect with our kids. Not only does it promote healthy eating habits for our little ones, but it just makes mum life so much easier! It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving (3 times a day, every day!). Catchy’s also the perfect gift for my parents who love to have their grandkids over but fret about the mess! It’ll save their floors, backs and sanity!"

2. Janod Muddy Lab Outdoor Kitchen

Who is it for? For my kids. Why does it get your pick? My kids love playing outdoors, and especially messy play. I think an outdoor kitchen would keep them occupied for ages! 15 mins in toddler time is long!

3. Juem Tilda Bra

Who is it for? For me. Why does it get your pick? I’m currently pregnant with number 3 and have always coveted the Juem maternity bras. They're beautiful and practical. Amongst the chaos of newborn days, it's nice to have something that makes you feel a little put together.

Leigh Campbell and Tegan Natoli, Brillo Beauty

How are you celebrating this year? "We will both be off celebrating Christmas this year with our families. Kids bring so much joy to this time of year so it’s so beautiful to relive our childhoods Christmases through their eyes."

What are your favourite holiday traditions? "Alexander is so excited to pick a gift for Rich and I this year. Each of us take him shopping to pick something. Apparently he’s going to buy Rich a pair of pants and me a diamond necklace (winning!)." - Leigh. "We’re actually starting to create our own holiday traditions. This will be our 2nd year hosting Christmas at our house and it is so lovely bringing both sides of our families together to have a big beautiful day of eating and lots of fun for all the kids." - Tegan.

How do you like to shop for presents? "We do Kris Kringle in our family. We put names in a hat so all the adults get one meaningful gift. As for my son Alexander, his list is longer than a roll of toilet paper. I like to purchase everything online so it’s delivered to my door. I can’t bare the thought of taking a little kid to the shops during this crazy time!" - Leigh. "I am 100% an online shopper. We have so many nieces and nephews in our family so I double up on a lot of gifts and try to buy them online in the sales so that I don’t have to face the shops or have to do a last minute mad rush to the shops. I definitely like to make a list or no doubt I will forget something because…mum brain."


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Tegan's Gift Picks

1. Brillo Beauty The Butter

Who is it for? All the women in my family and my girlfriends. Why does it get your pick? Although it has been formulated for pregnancy, it is such a beautiful product that is suitable for everyone and perfect for hydrating dry skin during summer months.

2. Trunkie Ladybug

Who is it for? For my baby niece. Why does it get your pick? I’m going to get her a Trunkie for their travels. My kids had these and they are awesome for luggage but also ridable!

3. Brillo Beauty The Balm

Who is it for? My teenage nieces. Why does it get your pick? They love The Balm. They use it as a lip gloss. And always steal it off each other so they get those as little stocking fillers.

Leigh's Gift Picks

1. Brillo Beauty The Spray

Who is it for? Anyone I forget 'til last minute. Why does it get your pick? The magnesium spray is honestly the best gift for anyone - aids in better sleep and helps aches and pains. Who doesn't need that?!

2. EcoBirdy Luisa Table

Who is it for? My son. Why does it get your pick? We recently moved house and I'm on the hunt for a chic table and chairs for my four year old. These are so cool, I want a grown-up version!

Lia DiMingo, Portier

How are you celebrating this year? "It's my nephew's first Christmas this year so we will be celebrating with at home with family. With the company of their cousins, the atmosphere is set for an all-boy affair, with an abundance of monster trucks, fast cars, and Lego. Witnessing their faces light up with excitement is priceless."

What are your favourite holiday traditions? "One holiday tradition in my family is our Christmas Eve celebration. We rotate hosting duties, and the highlight is our renowned 'Greedy Santa' tradition adding an anticipated twist as we exchange and most of the time 'steal' gifts from our nearest and dearest."

How do you like to shop for presents? "I'm a dedicated online shopper when it comes to buying presents. For me, it's about making the shopping experience enjoyable, and the idea of navigating the chaos and rush of Christmas shopping in stores is quite daunting. Online shopping allows me to take my time, explore a variety of options, and curate thoughtful gifts without the holiday hustle and bustle."


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Lia's Gift Picks

1. Sunnylife Salty the Shark Swim Vest and Sunnylife Underwater Camera Sea Seeker

Who is it for? My son Xander. Why does it get your pick? With summer around the corner this is perfect for our upcoming trip to Byron. It will provide hours of entertainment in the water knowing he can take pictures underwater.

2. Janod Animals Magnetibook

Who is it for? My son Maxim. Why does it get your pick? These are very handy. Maxim loves animals and I love that the pieces are magnetic so easy for him to stick and play.

3. Missta Bottle

Who is it for? For my sister-in-law. Why does it get your pick? These are so chic and smart and perfect for a mum on the go.

4. Portier Limitless Carrier in Denim

Who is it for? My dearest cousin in Italy. Why does it get your pick? She's expecting her first bub and she is someone who loves to get out an about. So I’ll definitely be sending her our OG Quilted Denim Limitless Carrier.

5. Pure Mama All-In-One

Who is it for? My girlfriend who's expecting her second baby in Jan. Why does it get your pick? We usually don’t do gifts, but I can see she is feeling very tired. Having a toddler running around when your heavily pregnant is tough. A bit of self-care will go a long way!

6. Short Sleeve Tee & Short Pyjama Set

Who is it for? My nephew Xavier. Why does it get your pick? You can never go wrong with a fun pair of Christmas PJ’s.

7. Hommey Robe in Coconut

Who is it for? This one is for me! Why does it get your pick? Afterall, isn’t treating yourself the ultimate gift?

Saira Mason, Maeva

How are you celebrating this year? "We will be celebrating the festive season in Red Hill with family. Being British, I still find warm Christmases a bit strange but this year we plan to fully embrace it and head for beaches and wineries to soak up the holiday sun."

What are your favourite holiday traditions? "A favourite tradition of mine is to each open one present on Christmas Eve. It’s a lovely way to kick off the festivities and get excited for the big day. This is less a tradition and perhaps more a family joke but we like to vote on the worst/most obscure gift. Sounds awful but it started when one of my sisters bought the other a bookbinding course for Christmas. Yep, she won."

How do you like to shop for presents? "I love surprises, I think it adds to the joy of the day when people don’t know what to expect and often, I’m more touched by the effort and thought than the gift itself. I am an online researcher and in-store purchaser because I live for reviews and recommendations but have to see things IRL. Hearing what peers and real customers have to say rather than marketers is invaluable (note: I, myself, am a marketer). Recently, some of those late night feeds have really opened up a new window for browsing some of my favourite sites."


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Saira's Gift Picks

1. Flexa The Kitchen

Who is it for? My son Max. Why does it get your pick? He’s reached an age where he loves role play and has become so creative with the stories and scenarios that he dreams up. I hope this takes his little imagination to new places and I am so looking forward to seeing what he’ll be serving up. I tend to opt for wooden toys as they are much more durable and more likely to be passed down. I also like the organic nature of them and prefer the hand-feel for children compared to plastics.

2. Maeva Short Pyjama Set in Bloom

Who is it for? My mum friends. Why does it get your pick? The holidays are such a great opportunity to relax and enjoy lounging with the family in your PJs all day but sometimes (especially on Christmas morning when we are all snapping those special moments) it’s nice to feel ‘done’. Beautiful PJs are a great way to feel comfortable and chic all at once. The buttons on these are particularly handy for those that are still breastfeeding.

3. The Tenth Co. Flow State

Who is it for? My colleague who's expecting. Why does it get your pick? I am so happy to see more products, advice and resources that focus on supporting women through postpartum. So often the spotlight has been solely on the needs of the baby but new mums really need to be nourished and healed back to full strength too. The Tenth was recommended to me by three different people completely independently when I was five weeks postpartum and feeling depleted in every way. I had a newborn and a toddler and these made all the difference when I was running on empty.

4. Olababy Training Spoon Set

Who is it for? My niece. Why does it get your pick? She is just about to start her journey with solids and these are such a great tool for BLW. They are soft and flexible and fit beautifully into those tiny little hands. With my first son I bought some wildly beautiful tableware (aesthetics over everything) but once we actually began solids, function became my priority and Olababy was always my top pick for meal times.

5. Jellystone Design Rainbow Stacker and Teether Toy

Who is it for? My son Noah. Why does it get your pick? Those first teeth are just about to pop and the textures on this stacker seemed to really soothe my older son at the same age. With space in our house coming at a premium these days, a toy that has multiple uses is always a winner. Hot tip - when you take the layers apart they also suction onto the side of the bath which he loves.

6. JetKids by Stokke BedBox

Who is it for? My nerves. Why does it get your pick? We are planning a trip to London in the new year with both a toddler and a baby for the first time and I’m nervous. If this helps with a more peaceful, comfortable trip then this truly is a gift to me (and my nerves). Any info or anecdotes you want to share about the product I have heard rave reviews from a friend who made the same journey so my hopes (and expectations) are high.

7. Tiny Hearts On The Go Travel First Aid Kit

Who is it for? My neighbour Why does it get your pick? Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that get the most use and save the day when you need them the most. This is such a handy and well considered little kit for a young family, put together by absolute experts. My husband and I attended the Tiny Hearts Course and it was one of the best things we have ever done. Rather than freak us out, it made us feel empowered and composed in some tough situations.

Amelie Cazzulino, Bare Mum

How are you celebrating this year? "Like most years, we’ll be celebrating with our family at home! We have 13 nephews and nieces so it’s always quite the affair. It is also our baby girl’s first Christmas so this year feels a bit extra special! As a European expat the celebrations truly kick off on Christmas Eve, but I like to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating our home way earlier than socially acceptable (I recently learnt that doing so significantly increases happiness levels, so if you’ve been tempted to hang your decorations ahead of time this is your sign)!"

What are your favourite holiday traditions? "This would have to be our Christmas Eve dinner! Our family comes together to celebrate the beginning of Christmas over a meal that traditionally goes deep into the early hours of Christmas day. My husband learnt the hard way that you have to pace yourself as it involves many different courses! A close second is Kings’ Day on January 6th. It’s a great excuse to keep the celebration going a little bit longer and eat a ‘Galette des Rois’, which is an almond meal tart with a small porcelain figurine hidden inside. The person who gets it in their portion of the tart is proclaimed the king or queen for the day… I haven’t lost in 15 years!"

How do you like to shop for presents? "I normally love to take the time to go into stores to breathe in the Christmas air while picking something special for loved ones, but this year looks a little bit different with the recent arrival of our baby girl. With less time on my hands, online shopping is 100% the way to go. I love a practical gift guide to make finding what I need quick and easy and a gift wrapping service is also a must!"


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