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Brand Founders Tell Us What They're Gifting This Year

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No, the new parents in your life don’t need a fancy vase or a nice bottle whisky. Right now they need stuff that will make life easier, and those things look like bottle warmers and zippy onesies. Here, founders of cult-favourite baby brands share what they’re gifting new parents (including themselves) and their families.

Anna Vidović, PHILÉ

How are you celebrating this year? "We love an early Christmas morning swim before the madness of the day begins. Then it’s off to celebrate in Sydney with both my husband’s family and my own."

What are your favourite holiday traditions? "Our street is a destination for Christmas light hunters - it’s a literal party every night of December, with a snow machine and all! We get involved with our own lights and decor on the 1st of December, hanging the advent calendar for the girls, a big tree, garlands and the rest. I love dehydrating fruits for gifts and making orange pomanders in the lead up - the sweet aroma fills the house and brings on the nostalgia."

How do you like to shop for presents? "I am big on lists. I put a lot of thought into gifts and what will really bring joy to the person I’m buying for, so online serves me best. In saying that, this is my first Christmas with two little ones so I’m more time poor than I’ve ever been. I’ll probably end up doing the Christmas Eve sprint at my local Westfield.


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Anna's Gift Picks

1. The Postnatal Depletion Cure by Dr. Oscar Serrallach

Who is it for? For me! Why does it get your pick? This has been recommended to me by multiple people. Between the three year old, the baby and my business, there’s not much time leftover for self care… I’m hoping this can help me set some clear boundaries.

2. Phile Cashmere Baby Blanket

Who is it for? My best friend is due to have her second in January. Why does it get your pick? It’s the most special blanket to take to the hospital and wrap baby in. Both of my daughters have their own cashmere blankets and they still use them years on. Children are so sensory, so something this soft is always going to be a favourite.

3. Raising Girls Who Like Themselves by Kasey Edwards and Dr. Christopher Scanlon

Who is it for? Another one for me (and my husband). Why does it get your pick? I’ve got two little girls but I’m by no means an expert on raising them so I hope to learn from those who are."

4. Wishbone Mini Flip Walker

Who is it for? My six month old, Phoebe. Why does it get your pick? This baby is on the move, so I’m expecting she’ll be up and walking any day now. I also love transitional toys - two for the price of one.

5. Mimi & Lula Sweet Heart Tutu

Who is it for? My older daughter Renata. Why does it get your pick? I never thought I'd be the mum buying my daughter a sparkly tutu, but she is inconsolable if her outfit doesn’t involve tulle, sparkles or pink, so here I am.

6. PHILE Baby Bag in Cream

Who is it for? My next door neighbour. Why does it get your pick? I don’t leave home without my Philé Baby Bag - it is literally my portable baby station. My lovely neighbour has been fawning over it since having her second baby a few months ago. I thought I’d treat her to one of her own.

7. Eco Birdy Charlie Chair

Who is it for? Both of my girls Why does it get your pick? We have the matching table, but seeing as we’ve got one more addition to the family, we are adding another seat. It’s the most durable, lightweight, chic kids dining set I’ve come across. I love the brand's sustainable ethos too - there are replicas, now but nothing comes close."

Rachel Cohen, Catchy

How are you celebrating this year? "Just lots of family time. And hopefully lots of beach time with the kids!"

What are your favourite holiday traditions? "Family meals are a special time to come together with our immediate and extended family and enjoy delicious food and good company (albeit chaotic)."

How do you like to shop for presents? "I’m a practical gift giver - I love to gift people things that I know they will love and use regularly! Running our business Catchy with my husband, and being a mum of two little ones (and a third on the way), I’m very time poor so I'm often online shopping at the last minute!"


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