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Parenting Roadtest The May Edition

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Community buzz on the buzziest products this month

Every month, Huge Tier Members of The Feel Good Club are invited to be part of our Parenting Roadtest Program, where they put the latest and greatest through their paces. Here’s what they have to say…

MISSTA Missta Bottle

“No more did I experience the zombie drudgery of getting up in the middle of the night to wait for what seemed an hour for the kettle to boil while my hungry boy cried for milk because he needed to be topped up after his feed. Night feeds have become a breeze. Keep it in your kitchen, on your bedside, or in the nursery for quick on demand feeds. The Missta comes with a temperature indicator light so it tells you if the water is too hot, too cold or goldilocks - a no fail for sleep deprived caregivers. Bottles are now made in ~30seconds” - Jessie

“It is essentially a chic thermos but the best part is the built in thermometer. We used it when travelling on the road and when our and about for the day. Fill it with sterilised boiling water the night before and you have the perfect water temp to make bottles (or cups of tea) no matter where you find yourself. A great gadget to ensure you’re always ready when baby needs a feed.” - Emily


NANIT Pro Monitor & Flex Stand

“Gave me such peace of mind when trialling moving my baby into his own room. The streaming video through the app was super clear (both picture and sound) and I loved that it is on my phone rather than carrying around a seperate monitor screen. The 2 way audio is great and very clear to hear baby and baby to hear us if we spoke back through the app”- Evie

“You can’t put a price on peace of mind when it comes to your baby. I didn’t buy a baby camera when I was pregnant as I got told I wouldn’t need one but soon after my daughter was born I found I NEEDED a baby camera asap.. after trailing a few different ones and not being 100% happy, I finally got my hands this!! Absolutely love it! Well worth the extra money. The features on the app are very impressive you can’t believe something like this is available to track your babies sleep. My daughter now sleeps in her own room and the breathing band just add to the peace of mind.. so everyone in the house can get some sleep!! We did end up buying a floor stand due to the flex stand not working for our situation & you can’t track their sleep when you only use the flex stand. Highly recommend this camera definitely add it to the baby list” - Jessica


GLOW DREAMING Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor

“A game changer for us, My little one is super sensitive to temperature changes and also a frequent night waker, so I have been hyper vigilant about checking the temp in his room at night in hopes that he wont wake up. With this sleep sensor I can easily glance over at it without getting up and go back to sleep if there’s nothing that needs to be adjusted.”- Chloe

“TOG confusion no more! The Glow Perfect Sleep Sensor does all the heavy lifting in figuring out what to dress your babe in for sleep. It’s helped us immensely in a typical Melbourne autumn where we have started in 0.2 TOG and moved up to 2.5 TOG some nights. The sensor and alarm allowed us to quickly intervene and bump up the heating, and I can imagine it will be a godsend during sweaty summer nights.” - Rachel

Parenting Roadtest is an exclusive program available to Huge Tier Members of The Feel Good Club. Members are invited to express their interest to receive free product to trial, test and review. Learn more about The Feel Good Club and sign up to access perks like this here.


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