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Pack of six delicious meal bases for essential postpartum nutrition.
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You hear it over and over again. The best thing you can give a new mum is food. When another lasagne just won’t cut it, give her wholesome, super sustaining and delicious meals from Elan House of Wellness, who believe (rightly) that supporting the health and wellbeing of the mother supports the entire family. 

This premium bundle is designed to ease a new mum’s postpartum experience. Specially curated to add to their nourishing postpartum pantry, it’s meals that a new family can turn to when they need an extra hit of health, that tastes delicious and are easy to whip up. These are dry bases, requiring some extra ingredients, but the base, the intention and direction is there.

1 x Nepalese Rice Pudding (Dry Mix)

The traditional postpartum pudding aids digestion, instantly boosts energy and builds blood. Serve all day, as often as you enjoy it, for the first few days after birth. This is a wonderful food for friends and family to bring to you in hospital in a thermos. 

1 x Black Rice Chia Pudding (Dry Mix)

Known as Bubur Ketan Hitam in Indonesian, this breakfast porridge is filled with antioxidants. Our mix includes chia seeds boosting the dish's nutrients. This dish is extremely easy to make and good to store in the fridge to then be warmed up for another luxurious and exotic breakfast the next day. You can swap up the toppings to keep it interesting.

1 x Buckwheat Pancakes (Dry Mix)

Our pancakes are a great go to especially if you have toddlers and children at home. The batter can be made up the night before and cooked pancakes can be frozen and reheated at a later time. The molasses called for in the recipe is high in iron and aids in replenishing the mother post birth. 

1 x Dark Chocolate Buckwheat Banana Bread (Dry Mix) 

Great go to especially if you have toddlers and children at home and a good thing to have on standby for ripe bananas. Delicious paired with a cup of tea, this banana bread is a winner for everyone. Another useful one handed snack once cut up, the buckwheat and Greek yoghurt is also great for the lactating mama.

1 x Postpartum Kitchari (Dry Mix)

Kitchari, for those who aren't familiar, is a flagpole recipe of healing Ayurvedic cuisine, and is said to be the best combination of nourishing foods that won't tax your digestive system.

1 x Lactation Granola Bar (Dry Mix)

A lactation trifecta of oats, flaxseed and brewer's yeast in the form of a granola bar that is easy to snack on with one hand. You will want this yummy snack stashed around the house and in your nappy bag.

Editors notes

When founder U-Fhern had her first child she returned to the traditional roots of her mother and practised 40 days of confinement according to Chinese philosophy. During this time, she came to deeply appreciate having the support of wise women – mums, aunties, and friends – as she embarked on her new journey into motherhood. She also saw the value and importance of ‘tribe’ and community. And as she learned about the healing practices and benefits of confinement, she began to understand just how important this approach to postpartum is for a woman’s beauty,vitality and longevity. 

With her second baby, U-Fhern once again practised traditional confinement and began expanding her knowledge around postpartum care, becoming qualified as a Newborn Mothers’ Postpartum Professional and Certified Postnatal Care Professional (Taiwan). U-Fhern is currently completing her Innate Traditions and Oh Baby Nutrition certifications.

There is so much pressure for women to be supermums in the Western world, and this mindset and way of life is hugely detrimental to health and wellbeing. It is my intention and hope that through its offer of an extensive and holistic array of services, Elan House of Wellness becomes a facilitator of change for the mindset of the community, an opportunity for women to prioritise postpartum care, amidst a supportive environment that fosters preventative wellbeing for mother and child.


Pack of six.

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Ultimate Dry Pantry Bundle (1 Set)

Ultimate Dry Pantry Bundle (1 Set) by Elan House of Wellness