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Whether it’s a book, a bottle or a body oil, this is what the taste makers at The Grace Tales are adding to cart.

‘What pregnant women – and indeed new mothers – need is not overwhelm in this extremely volatile time. But rather, a little bit of handholding. A trusted voice. A curated eye. And a little less plastic’. All hail the editors at The Grace Tales, that bible of style and substance, who have worked to curate their own The Grace List exclusively for the memo, listing their selection of products that are perfect for women at any stage of motherhood. Whether it’s a book, a bottle or a body oil, this is what they’re adding to cart.

Frankly Eco Natural Sunscreen SPF 50+ Vegan

“I managed to pass on my extreme skin sensitivity to all three of my kids. They lucked out in the gene pool, didn’t they? So finding a safe, effective sunscreen for the Hahn family has been a priority. This all-natural sunscreen is SPF 50+, water resistant, dries quickly and doesn’t contain chemical UV absorbers. Everything I want in a sunscreen for my little people.”

Liewood Neil Cup

“My Frank Green coffee keep cup is never not by my side, and whatever a parent owns, a child desires. While I’m not giving in to my children’s requests for coffee just yet, their own equally gorgeous cup, that’s as delightful as it is practical, has seen us through.”

Maeva Resort Stripe Short Set

“Whether you’re breastfeeding a newborn, running around after a toddler or have simply decided that a sartorial decision isn’t on your agenda today, this set is your chic, comfortable solution.”

Ena Body Oil

“This beautiful body oil is for one for you (yes Mum, you still exist!). With a luxurious blend of oils (macadamia, sweet almond, Argan and avocado, to be specific), it has been designed specifically for damaged skin.”

Peepo! By Janet and Allen Ahlberg

“A book that truly transcends age groups. Babies delight in peeking their fingers through the holes, while older children enjoy spotting items in the illustrations. Despite being 30 years old and full of references that don’t have too much relevance today (a bucketful of coal and a hairnet, for starters), it remains as timeless and loveable as ever.

Liewood Mr Bear Four Piece Feeding Set

“This bamboo feeding set is fun with an adorable bear design, but is also right at home in my not-so-fluorescent-and-plastic dining room. It’s makes meal times beautiful.”

Dr Bronner Organic 4 in 1 Hands, Face, Hair and Body Soap

“A good multitasker will always hold a place in my heart. This one is outrageously well priced, does a beautiful job on a baby’s skin and hair, and I just adore the sweet scent on a freshly washed newborn.”

Liewood Sylvester Wash Cloth Trio

“Use one as a puppet to distract the toddler and another to gently scrub the baby. This set contains a panda, a cat and a rabbit, so start practising your best animal impersonations now.”

Cam Cam Copenhagen Muslin Swaddle Wrap

“Muslins are about so much more than a swaddle. They’re what we pop on the grass when our baby needs a kick. They’re what we use to place over the public change table. They’re what we elegantly drape across our shoulders to hide the milk stains on our chests while at a work function (just me?). These Cam Cam Copenhagen varieties are Made with organic cotton muslin and in three of the most delicious colours.”

Jnr Life Boom Boom Oval Play Mat

“Six years ago, when my eldest was born, I am 99 percent sure that there was not a baby floor mat which did not contain primary colours or a cartoon animal motif. Parents of today won’t know that same struggle, thanks to Jnr Life, who seem to have been among the first to realise that play mats can be beautiful.”

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