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The kind who are pregnant or living with a cute new baby.

Mother’s Day is going to be a little different this year, because the world is a little different this year. It’s the age of #isolife, which, as many mums are discovering, ain’t all that different from new-mum-life: you stay in, you eat everything in the fridge, you watch a lot of Netflix, but now it feels like all your lifelines are cut off: grandparents, playgrounds, long strolls around Woolworths and blessed visits from people you love. For any mum who was just getting to the point that they could have a night out, or mums-to-be who were hoping to make the most of their pre-baby weekends, it’s a blow for sure. We encourage venting, grieving and letting it go. Focus on the good, practice gratitude and style your Mother’s Day gifting requests as two parts: what you need now and what you want when isolation is no longer a thing. To inspire your own wish list, we asked some brilliant new mums and mums-to-be what they want - what they really, really want.

Olivia, 27-weeks-pregnant and mum to Raffaella, 23 months.

“Now: a sleep-in, flaky pastry with butter and jam in bed with my daughter and husband (and no-one telling me off for leaving crumbs), followed by a two-hour massage. They can work out who gets to be masseuse. I’d also love the A Quiet Moment Gift Set. When isolation isn’t a thing: A delicious meal shared with my mum, mother-in-law, dad, siblings, my daughter and the baby-to-be.”

Romy, mum to Harley, 5 months.

“First and foremost I would love a sleep in (!!!) and to go out for (5pm) dinner to our favourite spot with the fam. I would also like my hair and nails done and to sneak in a Pilates class! That can be for later. Since we’re spending even more time at home, we’re all spending more time in pyjamas so I’d love those for me, and anything In Bed PJs. And later on, a massage and a meal somewhere nice.”

Leah, 28-weeks-pregnant and mum to Harvey, 2.

“I’d love a whole day free of the emotional labour that comes with motherhood. Too much to ask? Haha. Honestly, just a day where all the nagging tasks are dealt with by someone else and I can give 100 percent of my time and energy to my loved ones would be amazing. I also wouldn’t say no to 9-hour’s sleep in the Masini Evia Sleep Set and an espresso martini.”

Stephanie, 26-weeks-pregnant and mum to Harry, 27 months.

“I really want a cocktail! Made by a proper barman. Like a whisky sour or negroni. This also means dinner at Geralds Bar. I would have loved a little baby moon somewhere hot and sunny. For now, the A Day of Radiance Gift Set and a homemade mocktail.”

Liana, 32 weeks pregnant and mum to Johnny, 2.

“I’d like a guaranteed Corona virus-free tradey to come and finish my house! But I would settle for a home delivered vanilla birthday cake with sprinkles and candles that I don’t have to share.”

Anna, mum to Renata, 2 months

“A weekend away with my new little family of three is on the bucket list! Tasmania, Byron Bay or even just down the coast to Mollymook. On the day I’d like a bunch of flowers from Hermetica and a tracksuit set from Pangaia - both things I’ll enjoy most indoor - and I wouldn’t be adverse to a breakfast in bed (for traditions sake) and by breakfast, I mean a freshly baked croissant from Flour and Stone. I’m big on chic sleepwear and have been eyeing the In Bed short-sleeved striped set for a while. I think they’d really pep me up for Autumn isolation.”

Katie, mum to Noah, 3 months and step-mum to Mya, 14

“These are the things I’m fantasizing about for when isolation isn’t a thing: a date night with my husband in an actual restaurant, a post-natal massage or just a massage in general (my neck is so bad from feeding) and a night in a hotel! For now, a nice winter robe and some slippers would be much appreciated.”

Katrina, mum to Tex, (almost) 2 and Tully, 5 months.

“The ultimate gift for any mum, is organised time off. Just having someone say ‘you get this whole day to yourself, guilt-free, do whatever you want,’ is everything. Even if I can’t go to the movies or out to dinner, just some organised time to do me would be amazing. Maybe some lovely bath products too and I can have a day spa set up at home.”

Alanah, mum to Stevie, 6 months.

“I’ve just started that really lovely postpartum hair loss period so I would love to get my hair done and just go to a salon for three hours by myself. That won’t happen for a while, but when it’s possible, I’m going. We live eight-hours from my family and were due for a big visit in May, so instead, I’d like a mother’s day Zoom call with my mum, sister and nephews. As for little gifts - I’d love some catchie bibs. Stevie has just started food and normal bibs are clearly silly."

Nikki, mum to Judah, 4 weeks, Reuben, 22 months and Bear, 3 and a half.

"It's hard to know what to want for mother's day this year! If isolation wasn't happening, I'd be begging for some hours at Bump Day Spa for some much-needed postpartum recovery treatments. As it is, I've kind of given up on lusting over things because there's this (sad) feeling of "what's the point?!" But if I'm being practical and thinking about something I want, and will use during isolation (part of mum life: always thinking practical), it would be a fresh pair of Adidas Original NMD's to wear on our daily family walks. I don't get the opportunity to splurge on myself too often (with the kids, different story), so it would also be really lovely to get myself into the gorgeous Juem maternity bras or some In Bed jammies!"

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